Easy Hot-Process Soap

Hot process soapmaking can be a rewarding and satisfying hobby, but it requires attention to detail and safety precautions. This recipe uses just two ingredients, shea butter and coconut oil, to create a nourishing and moisturizing soap that’s perfect for dry or sensitive skin. By following these step-by-step instructions and tips for success, you can make your own high-quality soap that’s free of harsh chemicals and additives. With a little patience and practice, you’ll be able to create beautiful, fragrant bars of soap that you can be proud to use and share with your loved ones.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter provides conditioning properties and produces gentle soap for skin sensitives. Fatty acids in shea butter will aid in a hard soap bar, increase the lather and the lifespan. We get our Shea Butter raw from Ghana; if you need Shea Butter in bulk to contact us today. La manteca de karité proporciona propiedades […]